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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Accounts

I don‘t have an account with Wharton Center. How do I create one?

Set up an online account at

Accounts created after April 5 will have the application available 24 hours later.

Subscription Applications

How do I access the applications?

Log in at and select Season Renewal Application under My Tickets on the account page

How do I know what Broadway application to choose?

There is one application for each performance date & time for all Broadway shows (all Tuesday evenings, all Saturday matinees, etc.). Choose the application that matches the performance date & time you wish to attend.

If you prefer to attend Broadway performances on different days of the week throughout the season, fill out the complete offerings application at the bottom.

Why don’t I see a Performing Arts application in my account?

If you do not have access, contact the Ticket Office at (517) 432-2000.

I usually add a few Performing Arts performances to my Broadway Subscription. How do I do that this year?

Broadway subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase any Performing Arts tickets at their discounted rate on May 1, through a Performing Arts application.

How will the different announcements affect my priority seating?

Seating for the two seasons will be done separately: first Broadway and then Performing Arts. Both Broadway and Performing Arts will be first-come, first-served based on priority.

A subscriber’s priority will be the same for both seatings (i.e., if you are a Diamond Broadway Subscriber, you will be seated with the Diamond group for any Performing Arts events you add to your subscription).

Is there a paper order form available?

No, all subscriptions will be available via digital application. Contact the Ticket Office for assistance with your application.

Can I place my application in person or over the phone?

Yes, in-person ordering assistance will be available at the Ticket Office.

Call during Ticket Office hours to place your application by phone.

Have your preferred application, performance, and zones noted.

My family or friends order separately, but we want to be seated together. How do we indicate this?

For each event, there is an option to please seat me with these subscribers. Fill in the name and account number of the subscribers to be seated by.

I made a mistake on my application. What do I do?

If you have not yet checked out and paid for your order, you can remove your Subscription application from the shopping cart and start the process over.

If you have completed checkout and paid for your order, contact the Ticket Office with your corrections.

Can I add more tickets to my order after I have completed my application?

Yes, call or email the Ticket Office at (517) 432-2000 and we’ll make a note of the addition and update your order.

Any additional charges will need to be paid in full at the time of the change.


Can I pay for my subscription with a check, gift card, or gift certificate?

Yes, call the Ticket Office at (517) 432-2000 or come in person to place your order. After, you can mail your check/gift card/gift certificate or drop it off at the Ticket Office.

How do I enroll in a payment plan?

For Broadway packages, change Full Payment to 23-24 Broadway Payment Plan in the dropdown after selecting events.

For Performing Arts and Try5, change Full Payment to 23-24 Arts Payment Plan in the dropdown after selecting events.

Broadway payment plans are made in four installments: the date of purchase, May 10, June 10, and July 10. Performing Arts payment plans will be in three installments: the date of purchase, June 1, and July 1. Purchases made after each payment date will include those payments at time of purchase.

What if I add or swap performances after I have selected the payment plan?

Changes are not included in the payment plan. Any additional charges will need to be paid in full at the time of the change.


Can I still have printed tickets?

Yes, make sure to select mail or will call delivery for printed tickets.