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OCT 10, 2023 World Ballet Series: Cinderella

OCT 10, 2023 World Ballet Series: Cinderella

An enchanting story for all ages, with a wonderful dose of humor, relish the majesty of classical ballet and the promise of “happily ever after.”

Follow everyone’s favorite princess as she falls in love with a prince. Meet the wacky sisters, stepmother, and fairy grandmother. See how the pumpkin becomes the carriage and how the dreams come true!

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Dates and Times

  • OCT 10 Tuesday 7pm

Zones and Pricing

     Performaning Arts PackageTRY5 Package
  • Premium $78 $86
  • Zone 1 $60 $66
  • Zone 2 $51 $56
  • Zone 3 $42 $46
  • Zone 4 $33 $36

Age and Content Warnings

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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