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FEB 24, 2024 The Boy Who Cried Wolf

FEB 24, 2024 The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Inspired by Aesop’s famous fable, this is a beautiful wintery tale about a boy who learns that “nobody believes a liar, even when they’re telling the truth.” From Tutti Frutti Productions and York Theatre Royal comes a gifted ensemble of actors and musicians, performing and singing live as they embody all the delightful characters, including hilarious sheep—and perhaps a wolf or two. Set in a village of knitters with fingers flicking and needles clicking, every new jumper tells a tale here! Ultimately, Silas finds a place for himself (and his imagination) in his warm, woolly community.

“4 stars—Tutti Frutti bring silliness, imagination, and sheep to Aesop’s well-known fable” —The Stage

“Funny, enchanting, and visually inventive, The Boy Who Cried Wolf represents Tutti Frutti at their absolute best.” —British Theater Guide

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Dates and Times

  • FEB 24 Saturday 1:30pm
  • FEB 24 Saturday 4pm

Zones and Pricing

General Admission

     Add-On Event
  • Zone 1 $14

Age and Content Warnings

Recommended for ages 4-10.

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