Wharton Center 2021-22 Catalog

The past year presented us with the opportunity to reflect on the importance of art in our cultural world. Before, we only imagined a world without performing arts – but when we were forced to live that experience, we truly understood the invaluable role of live, in-person performances.

As a creative outlet, the performing arts inspire us to tell our stories and express emotions through music, dance, and theatre.

As an educational tool, the performing arts connect children and adults alike to creative opportunities to expand our world view.

Engagement Events

Find the most up to date information on Audience Engagement events here.

Insight Previews

Get to know more about performances with the experts! Don’t miss free, informative pre-performance talks presented by topic experts or company members. Insight Previews begin 45 mins prior to these events:

After Chats

Join conversations with artists* inside the theatre immediately following each Thursday Broadway performance, and after these events:

* Please note that performer participants will vary. Wharton Center does not guarantee any specific artist or company member’s participation. See whartoncenter.com for schedule changes and updates throughout the season. No need to RSVP for Insight Previews or After Chats. Only available for the first Thursday of extended Broadway runs.