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DEC 18-20, 2023 Cirque Dreams Holidaze

DEC 18-20, 2023 Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Cirque Dreams Holidaze dazzles with a brilliant and whimsical family holiday spectacular. This annual tradition wraps a Broadway-style production around an infusion of contemporary circus arts. As lights dim and the music swells, you will have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head as a fantastical cast of holiday storybook characters come to life on stage. With an original music score, twists on holiday classics sung live, and new sets, scenery, and storylines, this ultimate holiday gift for the entire family is sure to put a twinkle in your eye!

Dates and Times

  • DEC 18 Monday 7:30pm
  • DEC 19 Tuesday 7:30pm
  • DEC 20 Wednesday 7:30pm

Zones and Pricing

     Performaning Arts PackageTRY5 Package
  • Premium $90 $99
  • Zone 1 $73 $81
  • Zone 2 $64 $71
  • Zone 3 $55 $61
  • Zone 4 $32 $35

Age and Content Warnings

For all ages.

Cobb Great Hall

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